Sunday, October 2, 2011


saw him today..
yaya,he is the one i yearn madly for..
i m crazy,i concede it..
after the turn of corner..
i really met him..
how many times i hope it be..
finally,my dream come true...
wanna to turn down my window thn call his name loudly
but,i didn't do it..
the time was too short,my car's speed was fast..
yaya..i gave myself many excuse..
this is always jieer said to me..
stop your pretext!!
i concede that it was because of not enough daring..
sorry tht i didn't do it..
ofcourse,i m regret now..
nvm,at least..
i saw him..
wearing a white shirt..
playing the basketball with his bro who wearing black shirt
it is a prefect match pls..
his bro is resemble as him..
almost the same height with him..
my mummy ask me,why is he so short??
i m just laughing and din't answer her question..
who care that how short is he??
who care that is he crush on me??
i dun care pls..
i just wanna to keep this feel..
as long as i can..
i can do it right??

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