Friday, February 12, 2010

happy new year!!

sorry lorh..
i saw the comment liao..
i know my blog c like very sien..
i will change my theme de..
wait arh~be patient pls..
ths is my first time type my blog in english lerh..
beacauser i m in penang now..
and ths comp dun hav chinese de lorh..
make me so suffer now..
so if i use wrongly in grammar..
dun laugh me yarh..haha
just view sum yee's blog..
so sad!!
i also wan 2 go with u all..
if not the stupid flight..
i will go with your de..haix..
next time ba..
my physic arh!!
shit zhang qi yan..
u can giv me happy chinese new year holidays??
why must gav bac our test paper at the last day..
make me sooo no mood..SHIT!!
luckily me chinese still not bad..
IF NOT!!heng!!i really will cry arh!!
n hor..guo yang ask me to bring "asam laksa" for him when i m bac orh~
sorry lerh..i think i cant do it jor..
i come bac by flight lerh..
how m i going 2 take bac lerh??
if really take bac jor..the food also cant eat ady larh..haha!
my dear friends..